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Certified A to Z

LightRiver Certified Integration Services provides analysis, advice and technical support to customers during the planning, implementation and deployment of equipment into new or existing networks. Our technical staff has earned manufacturer certification on pertinent network equipment  and is highly skilled in network design review, site surveys and recommendations for site readiness, detailed engineering for racking, power and cable management solutions, and comprehensive methods-of-procedure (MOPs) for installation, test and integration and circuit migration.


LightRiver integrates turnkey solutions individually tailored to each client. Our approach to applying next generation transport technologies to mission-critical networks is simple. We strive for an intimate understanding of your business before we create a solution and then, using our experience, apply innovative, best-in-class products to solve the unique challenges of your network.

The Difference

LightRiver’s process for deploying Factory Built Networks mitigates the inherent risks and delays in a traditional deployment process, transfers more knowledge and enables the unprecedented use of task-relevant expertise and testing. As a result, LightRiver can build better networks, faster.

Download our Factory Built Network® Overview here.

Factory Built Network®: Valuable Innovation from An Industry Leader

What is a Factory Built Network?

LightRiver has developed and implemented a proprietary turn-key process, serving as a predictable and proven methodology of deploying complex telecommunications networks.

LightRiver’s Factory Built Network® (FBN) solution represents the culmination of our skills and experience. Leveraging our network engineering expertise, product reach, testing resources and logistics management capabilities within our unique multi-vendor technology laboratory and factory, LightRiver specialists build and deploy the highest-performing, most reliable transport networks with unprecedented speed and cost-efficiency. After an unparalleled battery of extended testing and burn-in in LightRiver’s facility, networks are deployed rapidly and efficiently in the field, completing new network deployment in record time.



Better Networks, Faster. Watch How It Works

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