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Factory Built Network®: It Just Makes $ense!

FBN savingsLower Customer Costs
With LightRiver’s Factory Built Network® process, customers spend significantly less to support a network deployment – the equivalent of up to 9% of total project cost in the example detailed in the chart. Time on customer sites is cut sharply, eliminating much of the need and expense for escorts.  Purchasing, project management and logistics management are simplified, and there’s no risk of equipment being pilfered for other projects while it sits on the data room floor.

The advantages of the LightRiver Factory Built Network are real.  LightRiver today is delivering better performing, more reliable transport networks to customers across the U.S. in record time.

With orderly and efficient management of material and work, the expertise and experience of the best specialists for each step of the process, and the availability of time and resources for optimal engineering and testing, LightRiver can build in its “factory” and deliver to its customers the best-engineered, most reliable transport networks in unprecedented timeframes.  Customers can enjoy the benefits of its new systems sooner, and experience lower cost and less disruption along the way.

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