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Better Networks, Faster.

Better Networks, Faster.

The Factory Built Network® (FBN) model has been proven to deliver better documented, more reliable networks, with less technology risk, in less time, and with less disruption and lower cost to customers. Factory Built Networks offer the greatest benefit in the largest, most complex and highly-distributed projects, utilizing the fullest range of LightRiver services, experience, partnerships and resources.

LightRiver’s process for deploying Factory Built Network mitigates the inherent risks and delays in a traditional deployment process, transfers more knowledge and enables the unprecedented use of task-relevant expertise and testing. As a result, LightRiver can build better networks, faster.

Download our freewhitepaper (2)cropAll equipment is shipped to LightRiver’s facility initially, organized and labeled in an orderly manner, and managed efficiently by inventory control experts. Failed parts are identified and replaced early in the process, without the need for extended stays at customer sites, extra trips to remote locations or increased expense for customer escorts.

In a centralized laboratory setting, or “factory,” LightRiver manages the work in a more productive and efficient manner, in a roomier and better-organized environment, and brings in highly experienced specialists and test equipment as needed for each step of the process.

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