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FBN-FasterThe advantages of LightRiver’s Factory Built Network are real.  LightRiver today is delivering better performing, more reliable transport networks to customers across the U.S. in record time.   For example, LightRiver is currently in the final phase of a multi-year statewide communications system upgrade with four primary technologies (DWDM, SONET, Carrier Ethernet and Channel Banks) across 135 customer locations.  LightRiver was contracted to provide a turnkey solution, including all pre-deployment, deployment and post-deployment services (e.g. system engineering and design; fiber re-termination and characterization; hot staging of equipment; factory acceptance testing; installation; field training; circuit cutovers; maintenance/support).

Through the current phase – final system testing – LightRiver is roughly two years ahead of schedule, having completed its work in approximately 50% of the expected time.  The customer has enjoyed minimal impact on its employees and operations, and lower-than-expected project support costs.  Perhaps most importantly, it will enjoy the operational and cost-reduction benefits of its new transport network more than two years sooner than it had planned.

The benefits of a Download our freewhitepaper (2)cropFactory Built Network can be quite significant.  With orderly and efficient management of material and work, the expertise and experience of the best specialists for each step of the process, and the availability of time and resources for optimal engineering and testing, LightRiver can build in its “factory” and deliver to its customers the best-engineered, most reliable transport networks in unprecedented timeframes.  Customers can enjoy the benefits of its new systems sooner, and experience lower cost and less disruption along the way.


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